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Clear wireless (a joke)

I’ve been with Clear for over a year now. I bought a “Puck” portable 4g WiFi modem. At first it was awesome but the connection kept getting really slow. Come to find out that model has problems and thats why it was so cheap. 

Clear has to reset the modem every 2 – 3 days and then I get about 4 – 6 mps downloads. This has gone on for months. The modem WAS under warranty and they kept telling me one is in the mail but it never came. Last month they said its now out of warranty and to buy a new one. They refused to help in any way. 

As of today they can no longer reset a customers modem. They blame it on the customer and say you have it in a bad place (even though it gets 4 bars out of 4 bars) OR they say oh its a busy time. REALLY?!? at 3am its busy? I’m next door to the Clear antenna. I don’t know how much closer I can get!

Needless to say I’m switching. They were cheap and I liked being able to take it with me.

So before looking into Clear go elsewhere and look at all the other options. 

BTW when the connection is slow (70% of the time) I only get 0.30 – 0.65mps from (the place Clear offically uses to test connections).

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