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Sigh… (New iPhones)

So I WAS excited about the new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s until I saw the price! 

WAY to expensive, and when a rep from T-mobile business demoed it for me the 5c is cheap plastic and ok its colored! oooo! Well then you put a case on it to protect it and oops no more color! huh! dumbest idea ever!

the 5s has nice hardware and it purdy but again once its in a good case you don’t see it. 

Now to the apps. Apple keeps coming out with new hardware and just ditches the old hardware faster than any other manufacturer! At least most of the new Android apps still run on anything and when you visit Google Play it only lists for your device and you don’t see apps you can’t run. Now with iTunes it lists apps then when you go to install “Opps!” you aren’t running iOS 7 (or iOS 6 whatever) … blah blah… no wonder Apple is losing stock.

If they keep this up they’ll need another company to help them out like Microsoft did in 1997. Maybe Google but its too early to say. But mark my words, (I’ve always wanted to type that), Apple will fail, not die off because someone will save them.

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