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AT&T and why they suck

I’m sure you’ve seen the AT&T ads where they advertise $160 for four lines.

Are they stuck in the dark ages?!? Really you only get 10gb of data to share and they make it sound like it’s the greatest thing in the world. It’s not like sharing a taco with someone you love. No your competing with family members for data. Really? WTF are those idiots thinking.

Let’s see smaller companies like MetroPCS offered four lines for $100 about a year ago. Cricket is offering five lines for $100. I pay about $160 for three lines with T-Mobile but each phone has unlimited data! Oh and 4.5gb each for a hot spot. Suck it AT&T.

The only thing I liked about them was their stock but I sold it to buy an iPhone.

Ranting of sucky phone ads. Sprint has an ad that they will keep you at unlimited calls and text for life. Do they really believe that other companies will go back to minute plans? Or is that as targeted at Verizon who still has minute plans?

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