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Microsoft and piracy

So I read an article today that says Microsoft wants to crack down on piracy.

Well Microsoft let me tell you if you wouldn’t have given law enforcement a back door to monitor criminal’s computers then we wouldn’t distribute pirated copies of windows and office to track and bust criminals.

I’m against piracy because people worked hard to make that software and they get paid well for it. Microsoft created the high paying programmer job.

The government just thinks they can do whatever they want without repercussion. They distribute software (and other illegal things) with added tracking software and “viruses”.

And don’t worry “criminals” you won’t know the virus is there. There’s not one scanner that will detect them. Not for the public anyways. Real hackers and government workers in the correct field are pretty much safe. The viruses don’t usually make themselves known either. Except for the “electric cat” virus that was used in the 90’s. That one worked wonders and was made for a good cause.

So as long as companies help the government with backdoors we will continue to pirate copies of your software.

Anyone know the government’s version of linux that allows them to track you completely? I’ll give you a hint. It was released about 15 years ago when we thought linux would replace windows. Lmfao we were dumb.

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