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My plan

First) get a gun
Second) tell everyone goodbye
Third) pull the trigger

The first part is almost complete. A local gun store owner has some personal guns and they will see me one without registering it. Just saving the money. They think it’s for a friend. They don’t trust me with one being suicidal and all.

Telling everyone goodbye will be the hardest. I’m not going to drag it out.
I’ve already made it impossible to turn back. I made sure my life is so fucked up the I have no choice. It was the only way.

Pulling the trigger is easy. I’m just wondering if I do it in my house or outdoors. The police are allowed to take whatever they want from a crime scene and I don’t want them keeping stuff I’ve left to other people. I may do it at night at a bus stop.

My life fell apart to fast and now it’s not salvageable. So I made sure I can no longer pay bills and am losing my place to ensure I take the steps.

Wish me luck. 🙂

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2 responses to “My plan

  1. daisys0ul

    i know what you’re going through so by saying that i cannot offer you any real advice as i myself am i disaster of darkness. however, I am emerging from that place. Don’t rush into anything, endure and prosper. The pain makes us stronger even though we feel so weak.

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