Comic con (Las Vegas)

Did anyone make it to comic con in Las Vegas?

I couldn’t make it because of work but I wanted to know if it’s as good as the San Diego one.

I’m trying to find an artist to help with an idea I’ve had for a while for a graphic novel I want made from a book I wrote. Maybe next year I’ll make it down.

Saints Row IV Reelected

I got the new Saints Row IV Reelected. It’s so friggin’ funny. I just got a “deleted scene” mission it was hysterical.

I love that game. I thought it came with “Gat outta Hell” but it did not. :-\
Now I’ll have to get it.
*Ah-ha Update* Link

I really hope they make a part V. It would also be nice to have the other games (I through III) made for the newer consoles with upgraded graphics too. Though I’d rather play a new Saints Row.


So I finally got a PS4. It’s not bad. The controller is usable though I still prefer the Xbox control controller any day. The buttons still mess me up. “Where the fuck is the triangle?!?” Is said a lot.

I started playing Watch Dogs and I know it’s a little late for a review but I love that game. I haven’t played the missions to much. I’m busy chasing criminals and whacking them with my baton.

I still need to connect my Vita to it. Every time I try the Vita needs another update. Oh well. Today I’ll totally do it and see how that works out.


So I saw the owner of velvetsoles today. She’s really nice and in a good mood fit having had a horrible day. Someone hit her car and drove off. It was a both truck and it basically smashed the entire engine.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get some more of the members section done since we have new models coming in Wednesday.

It’s good and bad to be the only web designer at a company. I get creative control but no real input from co-workers. Oh well. 😛