So I finally got a PS4. It’s not bad. The controller is usable though I still prefer the Xbox control controller any day. The buttons still mess me up. “Where the fuck is the triangle?!?” Is said a lot.

I started playing Watch Dogs and I know it’s a little late for a review but I love that game. I haven’t played the missions to much. I’m busy chasing criminals and whacking them with my baton.

I still need to connect my Vita to it. Every time I try the Vita needs another update. Oh well. Today I’ll totally do it and see how that works out.


So I saw the owner of velvetsoles today. She’s really nice and in a good mood fit having had a horrible day. Someone hit her car and drove off. It was a both truck and it basically smashed the entire engine.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get some more of the members section done since we have new models coming in Wednesday.

It’s good and bad to be the only web designer at a company. I get creative control but no real input from co-workers. Oh well. πŸ˜›

My plan

First) get a gun
Second) tell everyone goodbye
Third) pull the trigger

The first part is almost complete. A local gun store owner has some personal guns and they will see me one without registering it. Just saving the money. They think it’s for a friend. They don’t trust me with one being suicidal and all.

Telling everyone goodbye will be the hardest. I’m not going to drag it out.
I’ve already made it impossible to turn back. I made sure my life is so fucked up the I have no choice. It was the only way.

Pulling the trigger is easy. I’m just wondering if I do it in my house or outdoors. The police are allowed to take whatever they want from a crime scene and I don’t want them keeping stuff I’ve left to other people. I may do it at night at a bus stop.

My life fell apart to fast and now it’s not salvageable. So I made sure I can no longer pay bills and am losing my place to ensure I take the steps.

Wish me luck. πŸ™‚

Jack Reacher

I just saw Jack Reacher. I really really liked it. I know Tom Cruise always acts the same in every movie he’s in (lately) but I think it works for him.

His character was a little stereotypical but good. Oh and the scene in the bathroom was cheesy but Tom’s reaction was like “wtf”! Too funny. Its good when the characters react like they would in the real world. πŸ™‚ Anyway good movie.




I just watched Hunger and I liked it a lot. No wonder Fangoria picked it.

*Side note:* Both versions of the covers are deceptive. Theres only one nude scene (kinda) and the other cover has Jordan (Lori Ann Heuring) in dirty socks and a saw lying near her. Her shoes never come off and there is no saw.

Ok so that out of the way. The movie was good. The acting good too. I know why Fangoria picked it. It has Lea Kohl as Anna. Lea is a dancer to say the least and it seems this is her first movie.

Worth watching. So to spoil it if I haven’t already 5 people are put in a hole with water to see how long it will take until they eat someone so they don’t starve. πŸ™‚