Minecraft log (week 1)

Day 2:  I survived the night. I don’t remember who I am or how I got here. I was able to make a small home and some tools. At least I have some knowledge of building even though I don’t know my own name. I had dreams last night of a large castle and a railroad that connected to other towns and mines. When I woke up I knew I had been there before but I have the feeling it was not in this world.

I was able to make fire. oh wonderful fire! My only friend is this world. I find it hard to sleep with a touch next to my bed but the alternative of being eaten in my sleep is much worse. I found a mine this afternoon and upon inspection I found it leads only to the other side of the mountain in which I build my home. I have eaten and will sleep well tonight.

Day 3: I didn’t sleep. One of the undead chased me home and I was watching the door all night. So tired but I need wood and coal.

I’ve killed all the animals for food and I’m stocked up but I fear if I don’t find a new source of food soon that I may starve.

I climbed a mountain today and found a valley in between with little openings. Probably formed naturally as I don’t see any signs of human life. Well living that is. A skeleton has made his home in the water beneath my door. I can’t get close enough to kill him. Maybe tomorrow I will learn how to make a bow and shoot him back.

Day 4: I didn’t sleep. I was too busy building that when I went outside again it was daylight. I can’t say that I have a castle yet but I have a plan. I’m going to hollow out this mountain that I’ve come to call my home.

Day 5: It rained all day. I did little work and when I did go outside it was cold and getting dark. My boots were my best friend. The cloth I woke up with didn’t do much against the snow and rain.

I went looking for a mine and I didn’t see or hear the green menace that would be a creeper. I must have been to far away because I only heard his explosion and wasn’t damaged. I ran all the way home. A zombie was pounding at my door but then left after a min.

Day 6: I slept well. No more undead knocking. Today I will make the front of my home and fortify it. I still do not have a stronger material then wood and stone. I need to find some sort of metal and quick. Food supplies are plentiful but I haven’t seen a stray animal save for a chicken in the valley below. In a few days I must find food.

I went exploring and found a desert. There was a well there that the undead obviously did not make. I went home for the fear of getting lost. I fell into a deep hole on the way back. I am currently writing from the cave within. I found two types of metal but could only mine one of them. I found iron and gold. The gold however is not mineable with my current tools. I must return here if I ever get out alive. This place is full of dangers.

Day 7: I found my way out of the hole. I have no food and I’m hurt.

I’m lost. A skeleton chased me into another hole. I’m dying.

I killed the skeleton and got out. I see one of my torches now.

The rest I don’t understand. I woke up in my bed. ‘Had it been a dream?’ I will try and explain. I was running home as I now found my way via a well placed torch. I got hit from behind and I swear that I had died. I woke up in my bed. I checked myself and was not hurt or hungry but all of my stuff has gone missing. I went outside (daylight) to go back to where I had “died”. There and behold were all of my items and some zombie flesh. I don’t understand this. I was dead.

I found a new type of zombie. He has a different look to him and a larger nose which makes him stand out. I don’t understand but that must mean that their is or at least was another ‘race?’ here. Maybe they build the well.

I went looking for food before dark and lost track of time. I couldn’t believe what I saw in the desert. A village! There are still people alive though I am unable to communicate with them except I know they want to trade. I watched as they ran inside and shut their doors. Its getting dark. I ran into a house with another of these people just as zombies swarmed the house next door. No sleep tonight.

I watched as more and more zombies pounded away on the doors next to where I’m holding up. First two then four and now there’s seven or eight and a zombie kid! Seeing the zombie child almost made me cry.

I’m in tears. I went outside to prevent the zombies from breaking the doors down. The village is overrun! The child zombie I first saw turned and attacked me. He is faster than the others and I couldn’t get away in time. I had to slay him. I see more now and a creeper chased me back to ‘safety’. I will stay inside until morning.

Week 2

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  1. Crayeon ⋅

    This is awesome!

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