Comic con (Las Vegas)

Did anyone make it to comic con in Las Vegas?

I couldn’t make it because of work but I wanted to know if it’s as good as the San Diego one.

I’m trying to find an artist to help with an idea I’ve had for a while for a graphic novel I want made from a book I wrote. Maybe next year I’ll make it down.

Saints Row IV Reelected

I got the new Saints Row IV Reelected. It’s so friggin’ funny. I just got a “deleted scene” mission it was hysterical.

I love that game. I thought it came with “Gat outta Hell” but it did not. :-\
Now I’ll have to get it.
*Ah-ha Update* Link

I really hope they make a part V. It would also be nice to have the other games (I through III) made for the newer consoles with upgraded graphics too. Though I’d rather play a new Saints Row.


So I finally got a PS4. It’s not bad. The controller is usable though I still prefer the Xbox control controller any day. The buttons still mess me up. “Where the fuck is the triangle?!?” Is said a lot.

I started playing Watch Dogs and I know it’s a little late for a review but I love that game. I haven’t played the missions to much. I’m busy chasing criminals and whacking them with my baton.

I still need to connect my Vita to it. Every time I try the Vita needs another update. Oh well. Today I’ll totally do it and see how that works out.